About Us

Our Commitment to You

Old world values and work ethics handed down from our Italian-born grandparents to our American-born parents to us has driven and perpetuated DiFranco Gate and Fence Company. We work hard and aim to serve you. This is the foundation of our business and compels us to provide you with the attention you deserve while reminding us that you are the reason we have a business in the first place. So when you hire us, you hire more than an installer and more than materials; you hire a commitment to service and a dedication to quality built on a history of integrity.

There is more than meets the eye to being a fence contractor, and we intend to excel at it. That’s what we call “service.” We work hard at watching over and managing your project daily. From answering questions and concerns before a project starts, during and after the project ends, to make sure the crew trucks are in good running order so we can do the job in the time we commit to, to scheduling and monitoring material deliveries to your site with vendors we have established long-term and trustworthy relationships with.

We want you happy with the product and happy with the process. If there is a question or concern, we want to know about it to answer your questions and solve any problem. After your project is complete, we will stand behind our work. We will always be there if there are any concerns. You can find us, we’ll respond, and we’re reliable. We take pride in just being plain old professional.

Times are hard, home improvements can be expensive, and knowing what you want may not always be clear to you, and you may be in the dark about what fencing costs. Please be assured we are interested in being fair. We only charge what the job is worth, for we believe in promoting business relationships that last. This is our life’s work, and this is where we live.

Our quotations are free. When we come to your house, we will have photos and drawings to decide what you would like to see built. We also have years of experience providing fencing with both function and beauty that have served and enhanced so many of our local residential homes, our preferred niche. We can give you what you want, and if you are not quite sure, we can put our ideas in with you to come up with a vision that works for you.

Your experience will be pleasant, satisfying, and rewarding when you work with DiFranco Gate and Fence Company. That is our promise to you and us here at DiFranco Gate and Fence Company.

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